Research Associate in Quantum Technology at Imperial College London Wanted

The Maser Research Group at Imperial College London are currently looking for a Research Associate in Quantum Technology (Ref: ENG01844) to join them on a project involving the development and characterisation of spin defects for quantum technologies as part of the NAME Programme Grant.

In 2018, the group at Imperial used nitrogen vacancy centres (NVCs) in diamond to demonstrate the first solid-state maser capable of running continuously at room temperature (Breeze et al., Nature 555, 493-496 (2018)). The overall aim of the project will be to research and develop spin-defect materials (e.g. NVCs in diamond and silicon-vacancy centres in silicon carbide) for applications in new maser devices and other quantum technologies. This will involve characterisation of spin-defects in diamond and related materials using pulsed optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and fluorescence spectroscopy. The project will take place through NAME as part of a long-standing collaboration with the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds and will ideally suit an applicant with strong theoretical, experimental and computational skills.

Interested candidates can find more details about the post and how to apply on the Imperial College Jobs website at the link below. For informal inquiries, please contact Dr Daan Arroo via

Application Link: Research Associate in Quantum Technology (Ref: ENG01844)

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