Work Package One

Underpinning Capability and Development

The diagram shows the main aims of work package one: underpinning capability and development. It has two main target areas: T1.1 Liquid Metal Alloy Source Development and Doping Control and T1.2 Optimisation, Validation, Metrology and Capability Extension.

Work Package One (WP1) optimises and extends the platform for nanoscale advanced materials engineering (P-NAME) tool capabilities at the University of Manchester, and provides the required development of associated methodologies for post-doping processing and validation. This will include the development of new metal alloys and ion sources, leading to improved spatial resolution, doping control and detection, and ultimately multi-beam scale-up. We will also establish the required pre- and post-doping methodologies for sample preparation and ion activation (e.g. thermal, e-beam and optical in- and ex-situ). The unique capability of P-NAME will be applied to explore the potential for 2D materials doping and engineering, along with advanced high-resolution electron microscopy to manipulate single ions doped using the tool.