Work Package Two

Nanoscale Photonics

Diagram showing main target areas of work package 2 on nanoscale photonics. The first target area T2.1 is nanoscale functionalisation of silicon photonics and the second target area is precision engineered photonic systems, including MASERs and high-Q systems.

Work Package Two (WP2) will deliver highly-targeted doping of photonic systems to provide new, enhanced or modified optical, electronic or magnetic functionality. There is significant potential to modify existing Si-photonic structures using the nanoscale control offered by P-NAME with the benefit of adding functionality whilst minimising optical loss and the deleterious impact of conventional doping on key parameters (e.g. charge mobility). WP2 will also look to improve the MASER system performance, starting with optimisation of diamond-based systems before seeking to develop alternative systems for room temperature masing. We will also explore the active functionalisation of high-Q systems (e.g. resonators, high-Purcell effect systems) to yield advanced photonic devices including single-photon sources.