Work Package Four

Materials for Quantum Technologies

This diagram shows the main target areas of work package 4 on materials for quantum technologies. The first target area T4.1 is on topological materials and the second target area is on defect and impurity centre engineering

Work Package Four (WP4) seeks to advance the development of topological materials and defect/vacancy centres in solid-state systems for application in quantum technologies. The development and growth of new materials for the control of TI bulk conductivity and their surface states will be undertaken, aiming to also deliver control of Majorana zero modes. Magnetic impurity doping will be used to deliver controlled ‘scattering’ of surface electrons and Dirac surface plasmon propagation will be explored, using THz SNOM to directly image such states. WP4 will also seek to develop controlled methods for vacancy/defect centre formation in diamond and SiC, and deterministic impurity centre doping in semiconductor hosts.