Microscopes @ home

Thanks to all those that came and saw us at ScienceX or any other events we have been to this summer! If you are interested in more science at home and have access to a microscope please click on the link below for some fun prompts! If you have any pictures of you having fun don’t forget to tag us on all social media accounts with #NameProgramme

Microscopes @ Home Worksheets

For those who maybe want to buy an @ home microscope here are our top 3 for various budgets. These are just three that we have used in the past and do not get anything from you using these links. If you have any questions you can always ask us online @NAMEProgramme

1 TOMLOV DM9 7″ digital Microscope 1200X ~£115 (was on demonstration)

Large stand but really stable and can be connected up to a computer and comes with its own screen. Simple to focus and has a large range that you can look at.

2 iMicro Q2 Microscope Lens x 800 £40 (was on demonstration)

Works for lots of different phones and is easy to use, portable, and can get easy images. You do need a steady hand or print out and a cut out of our handy stand

Handy stand (link to print out)

3 Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification £25

Make sure you get the right connection for it, but it works well, is mobile and comes with a stand.

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