Superheroes Unlimited: IOP Family Summer Exhibition

NAME senior technical specialist, Maddison Coke (University of Manchester) was recently involved in IOP family Summer Exhibition, Superheroes unlimited. The 2 month long exhibition in Islington London and associated events, engaged with both schools and the local community to highlight how physics will make a difference in our lives but also emphasising the diversity amongst the scientists, creating an exhibition with a diverse set of role models. Physicists were made into superheroes and showed how they use their “science super powers” to help solve problems in our world. Exhibits included demonstrations of ion implantation and microscopes, aiding in discussions from quantum computing to catalysis.

Many thanks to the NAME members at the University of Leeds for helping with curating the activities that were put on show and the University of Manchester Better World Funding for funds to be able to travel to the events.

More information on the event can be found here –

Image credit goes to Dom Martin/Institute of Physics

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