NAME Network gathers for Q3

The second in-person meeting of the NAME group was held at the University of Leeds. The event was kicked off with tours of their state-of-the-art 800m2 cleanroom, Terahertz suite and inter-connected multichambered Royce Deposition system, followed by a workshop on modelling ion implantation. The most important part of any in-person event is of course the networking, which was done in style at Sous le Nez, with wide ranging topics covered over a glass of wine.

The next day was filled with catch ups from the project leads, showing the promising work that has been done on the P-NAME tool, lab developments at Imperial, and sample preparation at Leeds. This was followed by a deep dive into the various characterisation capabilities within the group from Terahertz spectroscopy (Joshua Freeman, UoL), Laser & confocal microscopy (Daan Arroo & Daniel Jones, IC) and CUSTOM (Jessica Boland, UoM).The afternoon included sessions on creating tangible sample goals for the next quarter and the impact activities happening across the network.

Lastly, the network welcomed Elizabeth McKenzie–the new Programme Grant Manager–who outlined the next steps for NAME and provided extra thrust in the right direction.

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